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Saturday, January 21, 2006

AdSense pays publishers 78.5 cents on the dollar, according to NYTimes

I was reading the New York Times article tonight "Google's shadow payroll is not such a secret anymore" (which features Shawn Hogan of Digital Point) and one paragraph literally jumped out at me - namely a specific figure given to the ultra secret revenue share. and the company's foreign search sites contribute more to Google's bottom line than AdSense, because for every dollar the company brings in through AdSense and other places that distribute its ads, it pays roughly 78.5 cents back to sites like Digital Point that display the ads.
Yes, the article clearly states Google pays roughly 78.5 cents for every dollar an advertiser pays for advertising on partner sites. Unfortunately, it isn't clearly attributed to anyone. However, this figure is definitely in the neighborhood of what I had believed the revenue split was at, so I do believe it is fairly accurate to my knowledge, based upon the information given in the SEC filings.

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